Ever wanted to create a custom Login, User Registration, Password Reset forms and Front-end User Profile that will conform to a WordPress (theme) design?

With knowledge of just HTML & CSS, code the form component in combination with our expressive shortcodes, make it pretty with CSS and ProfilePress will handle the rest.

How it Works See Plugin Demos

Don’t know how to code? ProfilePress ship with beautifully designed Login, Registration, Password Reset forms; Front-end profile display and edit-profile templates.

To use these pre-built templates, copy and paste the template shortcode to a WordPress page. Easy as pie.

Features Overview

Some of the features that makes ProfilePress awesome.

What people are saying about ProfilePress

I was very worried about enabling this plugin on my website, I have to say I didn’t need to worry at all.
First of all the support from these people are outstanding, you can email and they will reply in 24 hours and sometimes even fix issues for you if you provide a login.
I have a big site where these profile and plugins fit in very nicely, it is a great plugin, is it perfect no, there are still some improvements I would like to see, the good thing is they are always working on this plugin, so its something that’s only going to get better.Admin, Worldofchat.co.uk
I have billed a ton of hours doing wordpress work. I’ve done some vaguely cool stuff and even authored some plugin. Seriously though, this plugin is f**king great! Best money spent on a plugin possibly ever. You have just saved me so much time that I will continue to bill for. Because you know why? cause it’s f**king simple.Matthew Koepp
The plugin is well designed, easy to manage and powerful. I’ll recommend it to anyone willing to manage users (login, profile edit, password reset) in the frontend.
But what really excels is the support from the development team. The answer is lightning fast.Víctor Gómez
Great plugin with lots of options to customise to what you need. Very good value for money.Michael Perlmutter
Support was fast, flexible and awesome. Asked a question for something new and it was fixed very fast. Also the product is great for several login option.stfn_wp
This is an outstanding plugin! It’s easy to use and looks very professional. The support is unparalleled! Quick replies and very willing to help. Goes above and beyond to make sure I have everything I need.Amander Fisher
Multiple login & registration forms, easy to hook in there and make a nice UX for your logged in users.jnz31
I installed ProfilePress last night. I’m not a teckie and thought all was working fine. then something wouldn’t work. I contacted the developer and he has given the most fabulous support to help get this to work on my site.
I am thrilled to have found him and I will watch for his developments with comfort, knowing his response means that I am safe to install his products. His customer care really is outstanding.Helen Knox
A great plugin without a good support isn’t worth buying. I had an issue with the premium version of the plugin due to a conflict caused by my theme’s function.php file and the developer helped fixed it patiently.
The plugin has some cool features that got me really impressed. Looking forward to more profile themes in the next update.Wale Adekile
We needed to be able to use the WP dashboard to manage a large number of subscriber accounts without sending them to the dashboard. This fit that need perfectly.Thomas Callahan
Fantastic plugin, does what it says on the tin and more, highly recommended. Amazing and rapid support, the support is fast, extremely effective and very helpful. Very impressed.Jide Aliu

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