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How to Manually Approve New User Registrations in WordPress

There are a couple of reasons why you may want to manually approve or confirm new user registrations on your WordPress site. It could be to stop spam registrations or to prevent people outside your preferred or target audience from registering if you run a private membership site.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to implement a user moderation, confirmation or approval system on your WordPress site using our WordPress plugin. Besides user approval, you also get options to block and delete registrations.

Firstly, ensure you’ve installed & activated ProfilePress and the User Moderation addon is active.

Go to the Settings >> User Moderation and configure the settings.

After activating this feature, new users accounts will be in pending mode until you approve or block them.

From the screenshot above, you will there is also an option to configure the email you (the website administrator) will receive each time a new user is pending approval.

If there are users awaiting approval, you will also see an admin notice as well as a note in the “At a Glance” dashboard widget informing you about it.

Pending users’ admin notice

WordPress "At a Glance" dashboard widget

To approve new users or even block/delete them, go to the Users → All Users. Find the pending users approve them.

User Moderation Module in Action


When a user is approved, blocked and unblocked, an email notification informing the user of the status of their account is triggered.

Now you know how to set up a user approval/moderation system on your WordPress site. What are you waiting for? Get the most powerful WordPress membership plugin now.