Customize WordPress Email Sender Name and Address - ProfilePress

Email Settings

Learn how to set up and customize the email settings in ProfilePress. To get started, go to Settings >> Emails.

Admin Email Address(s)

Make sure to set your admin email address or any additional email that will receive admin notifications. Use a comma to separate multiple email addresses.

Sender Name

The sender name is the name to use as the sender of all ProfilePress emails. Preferably your website name.

Sender Email Address

The sender email address can be the same or different from the admin email address and is used by ProfilePress to send out emails.


Although we recommend HTML content type, you can choose whether to send ProfilePress emails in plain text.

Email Template

We have a default Email Template created but if you want to code your own template from scratch you should choose “Custom Email Template” in the dropdown.

Above this section, you can customize all available emails that are sent by ProfilePress by clicking on their titles or the cog icons.