WordPress One-time Passwordless Login - ProfilePress

Setting up Passwordless Login

By using this add-on, you can allow users to log in to their account by clicking on a one-time link sent to their registered email address which expires by default in 10mins.

The way it works is, the passwordless login email containing the one-time login URL is sent to users email addresses after they fill out your login form with their username or email address.


Activating the Addon

You need to activate the addon by navigating to ProfilePress>>Addons and flicking ON the activation button.

After activating the addon, go to Settings >> One-time Passwordless Login Settings

Setting it Up

Disable for Admins

This option lets you disable passwordless login for admins.

Link Expiration

The login link is also set to expire after a period of time if it’s not used by the user. You can set this time (in minutes) in the provided field. NB: The default period of 10 minutes will be used if the field is left empty.

Success/Error Messages

These are the success/error messages displayed when the user selects the Passwordless login option.

Customizing the Confirmation Email

To customize the email that is sent to users for them to confirm or verify their email addresses follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to ProfilePress>Settings and click on the Emails tab.
  2. Click the cog icon on the right-hand side of the One-time Passwordless Login Email
  3. Make the needed changes to the email subject and body
  4. Click on Save changes.

NB: You can use the {{username}} {{first_name}} {{last_name}} and {{passwordless_link}} shortcode to get the current users username, first & last names and passwordless link anywhere in the email.

That’s it 😁