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Implementing Email Confirmation for New Users in WordPress

One feature common in virtually every web applications and websites is the verification of email addresses by new users who registered. The following are some of the reasons why email verification is important. * If you want to send users of your site occasional email, validation ensures the email doesn’t get bounced. * If you 

How to Integrate Mailchimp With WordPress

Email still remains the popular form of communication used for exchanging digital messages on the Internet. Visitors to your website will often opt-in for information and follow-up messages if they see something of interest and value. If you offer say digital products for sale, such visitors may not be ready to buy just yet; they 

Adding Custom Fields to WordPress User Profile

A need to add custom fields to the WordPress user profile might arise in order to collect more information about our website users. For example, WordPress profile doesn’t include a gender field thus; we are oblivious of the number of users that are males and females. How about the Contact info section? By default, only 

How to Disable CSS and Javascript Files in WordPress

One of our esteem plugin buyers asked us via email if it was possible to disable some or all CSS and JavaScript files added by ProfilePress in his WordPress powered website thus, the inspiration of this post. Before you can remove or disable CSS and JavaScript files in WordPress, their handles has to be known.