In previous tutorials, we learned how to create WordPress registration forms without requiring users to enter their username and password.
Do you know you can also create a custom WordPress registration form with just an email field? where users can register or sign up to your WordPress site with only their email address without a username, password or any other custom field values. This is exactly what we’ll be building in this tutorial.

If you want to jump ahead of the tutorial below, you can view a demo of the email only registration form here and download the form theme here. We have a guide on installing ProfilePress form themes here.

Building the Registration Form

I assume you have ProfilePress installed and activated. If not, do that now.

Navigate to ProfilePress >> Registration Form and click the “Add New” button.

Add the code below to Registration Design.

And the CSS for the form below will go into the CSS Stylesheet code area.

In the preview frame, click “Preview Design” to see how the form looks. It should be similar to the screenshot below.

WordPress user registration with only email address

Scroll down a bit and check Disable Username Requirement. By doing this, when users register on your WordPress website via a form like this, the username-part of their email address (e.g johndoe is the username in becomes their account username.

WordPress username registration requirement settings

Finally, click the “Save Changes” button to create the registration form.

To use it as your registration form; create a WordPress page and save the generated registration form shortcode to it and publish. You should now see the form displayed on the page when previewed.

How The Registration Process Works

Like we previously mentioned, the username of registered users will be gotten from their email address. And when a registration form do not include a password field, ProfilePress automatically send new registered users a password reset email so they can define their password.

Password reset email delivered to your mailbox

You can also decide to disable the password reset email that is automatically sent immediately after registration and instead include the password reset URL or link in their welcome email.

To disable the password reset email that is automatically sent, add the code snippet below to your active theme’s functions.php file or a site specific plugin.

To include the “password reset link” in welcome email to new users in WordPress, go to Settings >> Registration Settings, check Enable welcome message.

Enable welcome email in WordPress

Scroll down a bit and configure the welcome message at Welcome Message Settings section. Be sure to include the shortcode or placeholder {{password_reset_link}} in the message.

WordPress welcome email with password reset link

Demo of this form is available here.


For reasons best known to you, you may want an increase the number of user signups to your website; using an email only registration form can do the trick because it makes the registration process very easy.

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